NEW! Free Places for Babies from
10-12 Months at our Music with Cheeky Monkey's classes

Is your baby ready for the next stage? We are now
introducing babies from 10-12 months to our classes for FREE! Reserve your free place today at any of our classes listed under class times!

Music with Cheeky Monkey's class from
12 Months-Non-walkers
If you would like a real upbeat class where you and your baby can interact and be around the noise and fun of older children then this
could be the class for you! We have watched young babies develop into very confident little crawlers and walkers throughout our older music classes.
It's amazing how quickly they get to know our routine, songs and actions by watching us and the older children dancing and singing around them. This can be a great first class for any parent with a baby who loves a busy, fun atmosphere!
These classes are half price for all non-walkers!
Come and join us today!
£4 per class (for non-walkers)






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Music Classes with Cheeky Monkey from 10 Months old

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